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O2 A cademy’s open day is usually held at the beginning of the year where our students and alumni come to network, interact, strategize to win, and discuss the new year’s perspective. There are also refreshments, meet and greet with the creative exhibition, and career talk as the highlight of the day. This helps to keep the creative juices in us flowing.


We understand that one of the best ways to learn is on the job and as a result, our students get to work on real-life briefs. This help prepares our student for life outside the school and in the industry and helps boosts work confidence in our student.


At O2 Academy, we work hard and play harder. We pick out a fun location where our students could go and unwind and also during this trip we test their brains as they are tasked to crack a brief on the trip and pitch it as well on the same day. This is meant to stir in them that ideas can spin from anywhere even while having fun.


This is our bi-annual grand event where our students and alumni get the opportunity to meet and interact with a well-respected industry icon. The objective of this event is to inspire and educate upcoming admen and our alumni on the best industry practices.

agency tour


This is where we get top industry experts to come and instruct our students on certain industry know-how to aid work growth. The students get to ask questions and learn certain things that probably haven’t been taught in the classroom. The opportunity for mentorship also comes to those students who want it.


The best way to find out what 02 is like is to experience us for yourself. Schedule a free tour at the 02 Academy campus in Lagos.

Spend a day with us. Take a tour, visit a class, talk to students and instructors. Leave inspired, with a concrete plan for your future.



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