The African parable that says

‘What the elder sees sitting down, the child cannot see even if standing on the tallest of trees’
is one of the truest words said from Africa, and we confirmed last Saturday at the Fireside Chat

Our fireside chat with Steve Babaeko and Uzoma Okoye allowed us to tap the brains of two industrial wise men and see things from an elder’s Point of View.

The Fireside chat event at 02 Academy Lagos was everything and more- from the organization, the event setup and even deliveries of personal stories- everything was perfect.

The fireside chat was packed full with spectators hungry and ready to devour every possible single bit of details from our prestigious Creative Marketing icons.

And our icons fell no short of expectations in their deliveries.
Steve on one note, gave us real-life insights on how he struggled from being just a mere ‘Barack boy’ to becoming the Dread-headed creative Force he is today.

Uzoma’s life was a movie in itself, incredible tales of growing up Abroad and having to fight all possible odds to relocate and rebuild his agency here in Nigeria.

The stories we heard last Saturday were immeasurable; stories of hard work, perseverance, sacrifices, consistency and industrial transitioning.

During the question and answer session, we were smiling ear to ear, as our students took over the chat this time to engage and appreciate the guest speakers with lots of questions and a few Urban tales about these icons.

In the end, it didn’t end in tears, we ended the day warming our smiles judiciously at our cameras.

Thank you, Steve Babaeko and Uzoma Okoye for helping us warm our minds at the Fire side and showing us WE can be anything we put our mind to.

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