If you follow us on social media or attended our Saturday Open day event on the 11th January 2020, you for sure must have witnessed a mind-blowing resurrection in 02 Academy Lagos -from the new interior rebranding to as much as the structure of the event itself.

Our open day was a roller coaster of events and a great way for us to start our 2020; from our AD exhibition showcase; where student works were exhibited to the many interactive sessions with students and alumni, the whole event was a glorious sight.

The Academy complex was filled with more new faces, than old, so yes they had heard but not experienced first-hand the ‘Oxygen’ that the institution strives on; but the Open day filled their expectations and more and for the new students whet their appetite for an amazing academic session ahead.

Amidst all the amazing lined up activities, highlighting the day with amazing wits and charisma was our Academic provost and Founder O2 Academy Lagos, Ozone Mbanefo. Who spoke extensively, about the need for r proper planning and hard work this new year and the coming decade, he explained to us the power of a deliberate plan, spotlighting a few of the academy’s success stories since inception in 2007 – these individuals who were in attendance as well spared few minutes to relay an advice or two to the future generation.

Our provost emphasized the need for individuals to be deliberate with their actions and seeking proper and single directions by ‘’picturing the future they want to feature’’ a philosophy he preaches and practices himself.

Our provost also in his speech gave us few secrets to strategizing for the year; He tackled the mindset of individuals and institutions frenzy towards obtaining certificates, even without obtaining the required proper knowledgeable to-do’s. he Stated that to be the academy’s unique selling proposition, while other institutions focus on providing certificates as proof of knowledge, the Academy went the other route by making a tremendous effort to creating holistically capable individuals who were armed with ‘Sabi-ficates’ instead.

Sabi-ficates coined from the colloquial speak ‘sabi’ which means ‘ to have a proper understanding of a subject matter’ and certificate is the Academy’s way of stating its interest in genuinely developing their skill set for the real world than equipping them with certificates.

Ozone ended his speech on a friendly note of advising institutions to focus on instilling the right skills rather than dispersing certificates to students at the end of their training, and watch how much output it causes for their brand.

In general and as always, it was a great day at the Academy Complex, everyone in attendance left with one or more reasons to start strategizing their Goals and making a conscious effort to enable them obtained their ‘Sabi-ficates’ over certificates.

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