Klintdadrunk comes by the academy complex for the first time to deliver a masterclass on ”Humor in Storytelling’

and even before he arrived, everyone at the academy already had a preconceived perception about our masterclass instructor as familiar with him from TV;

‘Drunken, dread headed, staggering, word-slurring, bottle-holding comedian’,

But contrary to all expectations we saw a different type of Klint than we were used too
‘Calmer, collected, still dread headed, no word slurring or bottle- holding and perfectly gaited Klint.

Wow.. we never did expected it.

When Klint’s class started, we were blown beyond expectation, from citing and analyzing many international humorous comedy styles, to understanding how the perfect comedy left people in between happy and sad, to his Oscar-worthy drunk drama impressions.

Klint’s class left us with more than enough moments to inspire and laugh about while creating our comedic genius.

Klint in his masterclass, shared with some confidential VIP details about his life, about how he started his journey as a comedian, and even how he started his drunk act…..

Well, don’t ask us…we can’t say more than this……. come for your own masterclass by clicking this link www.02academylagos.com/masterclass

It was a pleasure learning humor in storytelling from such a comedy legend like Klintdadrunk, we hope to always have more stories as funny as these.

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